NonStop Availability Services

I created this french company in 2007 after 26 years of experience on the NonStop servers .

In the 1980's, I worked 3 years as customer in Banamex, Mexico as developper and then as system manager on Tandem machines.

Then I join Tandem which then became Compaq and HP, now called HPE.

I have had position of technical support, technical trainer, architect, manager.

I speak english, spanish and french and I am available to work and teach NonStop training on thiese languages.

I can help you to get contact and information on product from various HP NonStop partners in many domains like security and connectivity. 

I have the master ASE certification on NonStop servers and lately I passed the ITIL certification. I am member of HP Connect user group and DSPP partner for HP.

I am organizing an annual event in Paris with french speaking NonStop users.

Based on your requirements I can delivered the service myself of find adequate ressource in the NonStop environment.



On Services pages, look at 2013 French NonStop users group presentations.


Yves Tournier